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The Ideal Way To Gain Valuable Work Experience

Walker Media LLC has various business and marketing internships openings for college students to gain real-life work experience. Just because there’s a pandemic and working or studying from home is now the norm doesn’t mean employers are going to let you off the hook from having work experience on your resume when you are seeking a job from them.  An internship gives you a perfect way to get valuable training while also helping to distinguish you from others competing for the same jobs who may not have experience.

The following is a list of some of the internships we currently have available:

  • Business Development Internship
  • Content Development Internship
  • Journalism Internship
  • Photojournalist Internship
  • Digital Marketing Internship
  • Public Relations Internship
  • Social Media Internship

Who Should Apply For Our Internships?

Our remote internships are open to everyone in college to apply! We occasionally will extend an opportunity for someone who has recently graduated from college to participate.

Our internships provide participants opportunities to gain a wealth of practical experience, while also being able to enhance your resume and possible earn course credits from your learning institutions where this is oftentimes a requirement. 

Why Apply To Intern With Walker Media LLC?

Walker Media LLC is a well-respected company with several brands and numerous opportunities for you to gain real-life experience. We have over 25 brands, city and specialty niche directories that provide a wide array of marketing experiences to learn from during your internship with us. We are only interested in working with those who believe they are the best and want to work with a winning organization. If that is you, then apply now!

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