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Walker Media LLC is a multimedia communication company with 50+ brands making a positive difference globally with our “do good be good” philosophy.

Our headquarters is in Sheridan, Wyoming, and we have several satellite offices throughout the United States and internationally with our teams of skilled professionals.

We have a vast network assembled to grow daily in influence and power by positively making digital footprints online, harnessing social media, audio, and video marketing.


why advertise with us?

In this day and age of technological advancement, you have endless options for advertising your business. But how do you choose? At Walker Media LLC, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the current trends in media so that our clients can feel confident that a wide variety will see their advertisements of audiences.

One way is with digital magazines – a customized publication that allows for unlimited customization regarding geography, demographics, categories, and editorial views. This form is excellent for local businesses and travel agencies who need to stay on top of trending destinations or those dealing with luxury brands/products that target a high-end audience. You can even target specific locations if required!

And since our platform allows for unlimited customization, you can be sure that your advertisements will not be lost in the mix. Our staff can create custom pages for advertisers so that they can have total control over what appears within the magazine.

Our digital magazines are also great for advertisers looking to target a large number of people at once. Rather than pay for multiple ad spots on websites or channels, one page in our platform will get you access to numerous readers! This makes Walker Media LLC one of the most cost-efficient platforms for advertising with digital magazines.

As we continuously evolve and enhance our platform, we prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in media and marketing strategies. 


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